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Love has no age, neither the commitment

By Juliana Pimenta and Luana Marfim *

PS.: The data presented in this news report refer to Brazil

Veil, wreath, a white dress with long tail, or that suit you saw in the film and always thought about getting married wearing it. It's been a while that marriages are disappearing from our everyday life. Civil marriage and religious become past and everyone gets to join the idea of ​​" living together”. According to research conducted by FGV, the Brazilians between 25 and 35 years , 47% are married in civil and religious ; 18% only in civil and 31% only live together (consensual union).

In addition, the performance of marriage ceremonies are also laborious : a high financial costs , availability of time and patience are required. Marriage in civil isn’t so simple either. Registries can be very boring and annoying when you need it most. However, if everything goes wrong? If the marriage does not work out ? All this effort goes to waste and more time and money will be lost in the divorce official process and in all dealings involved. According to Veja magazine , it is estimated that 70 % of marriages ending after ten years of marriage .

Probably because of this , weddings , currently also became more late. The new young people want to graduate , to stabilize in their chosen profession and gain autonomy and only then think about it. Anyway , nowadays only one who 's crazy decides to marry young. And to be honest , this amount of crazy people has grown recently . Are you doubting ? Here are three stories of crazy people who decided to go on this adventure in the name of love.

Click on each picture to know each story:


But do not worry : we all have a bit of madness. Thus, we separated a few reasons to get married young . The short list is at the end of each subject . Good luck and good marriage . We hope you will be happily ever after.

*Drawings and Art: André Soares

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