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Reasons to marry young

Five reasons to get married young, according to the website Area H:

# 1 You may be happier - According to the National Marriage Project report, the highest percentage of people aged 20-28 who consider themselves "very satisfied" with their lives are married, unlike single or "cohabiting". A 2010 study showed that the highest probability of a marriage to be considered as "intact" and "highest quality" is among those who married aged 22 to 25 years.

# 2 You will make more money - an analysis of the American Community Survey showed that among men in their 30s, those who married in their 20s showed the highest levels of personal income. Economists point out that, in general, married men earn more than single men, whether other factors such as age and education.

# 3 You will make more sex - couples who marry in their 20s tend to have more frequent sex than those who marry later, according to research. Studies also show that married people do much more sex than singles. That is, the sooner you get married, the more time you spend having sex.

# 4 You will drink less alcohol - A 2012 study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior showed that married young adults reported less frequent drunkenness than those who are not in a relationship. "Marriage probably leads man to increase the sense of responsibility and obligation , in addition to providing a less active social calendar, which leads to less drunkenness", according to the authors.

# 5 You need not wait - It is clear that marriage is a big step and no one is saying you should rush. However, if you feel ready to take this important decision, there is no reason to postpone it. A study published in 2010 shows that postponing a promising marriage because of social conventions about the ideal age to get married is a reckless act, mainly because the emotional benefits brought by a good marriage may be reduced on account of age.

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